Tasting tours Barcelona
Tasting tours Barcelona
Food & Shopping tours 食とショッピングツアー 美食+购物之旅 음식 그리고 쇼핑 투어
Food & Shopping tours 食とショッピングツアー美食+购物之旅 음식 그리고 쇼핑 투어 

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Paola Maggiori 


“I’ve been working on the food sector for the last 10 years. I’ve organized gastronomic tours in London, Buenos Aires and Barcelona. I’ve worked at an online company leader in Spain as the team lead of the restaurants department, where we manage more than 5000 restaurants, so I can say that I almost know all the restaurants of this country! I define myself as a traveller, not a tourist. I taste everything I find in each location I visit. I love to learn about a place through its food”.

Natsuko Kawamuro

Japanese Host 

I have dedicated myself to a tourism sector for 7 years. I worked as a tour guide with the Spanish tourists in Japan, came here to study tourism in university master's degree. And now I'm still studying a gastronomic tourism sector. Because since I met gastronomy from Spain more than 10 years ago, I'm falling in love with it! I can say that Spanish food is one of the best meals in the world. So I wondered if the Japanese tursita has a good gastronomic experience in barcelona. It will be a pleasure to share the experience that I have been accumulating in the sector with all of you while we discover the secrets and curisidades of with this fantastic gastronomic route.

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